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Why take part?

SPOT is for you if you want to address issues such as biodiversity and climate change in the classroom, put your students into action by carrying out protocols within their reach and/or promote observation, the scientific approach and attention to nature.

Who is it for?

All teachers, from primary to higher education 

Your participation as a teacher does not require any training from CREA Mont-Blanc. To understand the issues related to the evolution of life in the mountains, we invite you to explore the Atlas du Mont-Blanc.

If you would like to have an intervention in the classroom or to be accompanied in the field, our trained relays are at your disposal. They are presented below and have been trained by CREA Mont-Blanc on the protocols and their implementation with groups. You can easily identify them on SPOT by the tag attached to their username.

Preferred programmes for you:

The Phénoclim and Snow cover programmes can be carried out in or near a schoolyard with trees from primary school onwards. The Salute the Trees programme is more suitable for high school students as it may require the use of a mobile phone. 

The Wild Mont-Blanc programme is 100% digital, you can initiate this project in class with your pupils from primary to high school and invite them to continue it at home.

Other programmes are accessible to pupils from primary school onwards (From Spawn to Frog) but require a trip to the mountain terrain, accompanied if necessary by a trained professional for example.

How to prepare your animation around the programmes

Once you have registered, you will benefit from existing resources and exchanges with the teaching community to create the right teaching sequence for your class.

Do you have any other questions?


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